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Jay Carter drove to Philadelphia from Pittsburgh for the event. She started dressed as Hillary Clinton and she starts playing “Hallelujah”. The report says that the State Department’s security measures were “woefully inadequate,” but that Mrs. She also pledged to “stop the endless flow of secret, unaccountable money that is distorting our elections. Clinton took the stage to sustained applause. The same holds for Donald Trump, but the effect is not nearly as pronounced as that for Clinton. Clinton’s resume – Secretary of State, New York Senator, First Lady – is, without question, one of the most impressive of any politician in either party. Many of the attendees were avid Clinton supporters, while some were Sanders fans who had come to believe that Clinton is the candidate they’ll need to rally behind. The class brings in Huma Abedin, Clinton’s longtime aide and friend, to speak of Clinton’s sympathetic qualities as an employer. May 5, 2016 – Clinton’s aides and State Department staff, including longtime adviser Abedin, provide interviews to federal investigators. Did Clinton seek government approval to use a private server for her personal email account. After a youth minister took her to hear Martin Luther King Jr. That’s to say it would have been interesting to see what unprompted voters had to say. The second presidential debate took place on Sunday, October 9, at Washington University in St. History to accept the nomination of a major political party. Trump was the first president with neither prior public service nor military experience. The seven people to receive electoral votes for president were the most in a single election since 1796. Some lawmakers questioned the timing of the announcement, with less than two weeks remaining until the election. Fair enough—but the ambassadors to Germany and Singapore and Peru aren’t working night and day to prevent those countries from breaking up in a bloodbath of extremism. And in fact that is what is working,” Mrs. West Virginia is a tough loss for Clinton to be sure, especially given the fact that she easily won the state in the 2008 Democratic primary over Barack Obama. The present study aims to gain the most essential goals to clarify what kind of ideology in the speeches of Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel, and Julia Gillard about the immigration can be found. Mike Krahulik, Penny Arcade: “We don’t do political commentary on the comic for a very important reason. As the new year began, Clinton operatives were eager to take credit for the lack of internal drama. The Clinton campaign’s investment in Arizona seems to be paying dividends with promising early voting turnout among Democrats.

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Kod guys ine langa ndi funso. ” So how did knowing that ambition is negatively correlated with likability for women affect Clinton’s approach in seeking the most powerful office in the land. ” Apparently, Obama had been identified for some time by the local Jewish community as an up and comer, and had been offered many an opportunity to make the pilgrimage. Existential process type clauses are usually represented through ‘there’. “Travelgate,” Whitewater, the suicide of close friend and administration official Vince Foster, profits earned from a particular financial deal, the Paula Jones sex scandal, and dubious contacts between the White House and Treasury Department—all of these involved Clinton, in one way or another, and placed her in a hot seat that never seemed to cool off. “You can’t entirely say this is a private matter,” one veteran House Democrat said at the time. Then husband to Clinton aide Huma Abedin — which appeared “pertinent” to the investigation into Clinton’s personal email server. The Town Hall setting for the debate arguably suited Hillary Clinton better, with questions filtered from the audience of undecided voters. Clinton released a list of more than 200,000 donors to defuse speculation about conflicts. There has only been one electoral college popular vote split in the last 120 years of American presidential elections, and that boiled down to a controversial recount of votes in Florida, a state then governed by the brother of eventual winner George W Bush. Fiscal FactCheck is a project of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget developed to highlight issues of fiscal importance in the 2016 presidential campaign by holding candidates accountable for fiscal claims made on the campaign trail and for the likely budgetary costs and savings of their policy proposals. They form a line, resting their metal detector on their shoulder. Senator, a presidential candidate, Secretary of State, and Democratic Presidential Nominee, and a candid and moving reckoning of Ms. What’s unclear from the short description is why Clinton waited until eight months after she lost the election to reveal Don Jr. “And I will tell you I have been in many, many campaigns in my political life and I am very proud to say I have never run a negative political ad in my entire life – and I’ve been attacked a whole lot. The party does seem to be uniting, as Sanders’ awkward but emphatic enough endorsement of Clinton in early July proved. The now president elect came out at the Hilton Marriott with his family and the vice president elect, Mike Pence, and his family to make his acceptance speech. He will now be the first guy ever to become the ‘second dude’. The depiction of a woman crushing a man with her high heel is a common, absurd metaphor for strong women for many reasons, among other things, a high heel is the least effective shoe to wear for the soul purpose of crushing someone. Sign up to receive the latest updates from U. Newly released emails from Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state raise questions about the nature of the department’s relationship with the Clinton Foundation. By contrast, Clinton won the late deciders in Virginia — a state she carried by five points. This includes other media organisations. She now says she opposes it, and would as president, though critics on both the right and left remain suspicious. Emotions were running so high in the country that I feared there was going to be some violence before the election. Warren now says that though there was “some bias” within the DNC, “the overall 2016 primary process was fair. Ms Clinton warned that Russian president Vladimir Putin’s brutality “knows no bounds”.

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Many accused her of being a “carpetbagger” because she had never lived in New York, but voters chose her by a solid 55% majority. In the 2008 election, Clinton was a leading candidate for the Democratic Presidential nomination. Yet Kaine found swift acceptance and friendship from divergent groups: He joined the school’s yell squad, debate team, pastoral committee and choir. I never told anyone this, but one time when I’d been visiting the Brooklyn campaign headquarters I found an iPhone in the women’s restroom. It was interesting to read at the bottom of the polls I looked at that Democrats were consistently over polled by from 5% to 15%. The road ahead was clearer for Mrs. “I have been asked many, many questions in the past year about emails, and what I have learned is that when I try to explain what happened, it can sound like I am trying to excuse what I did. Text SLATE FRIEND to 98999 to get on your phone. One thing about the people of New Hampshire you value guts. Bush’s brother, former President George W. “In some ways, that campaign was successful. I’m in total agreement with that. As the researchers conclude. “This is exactly who Donald Trump is,” Clinton said, speaking about the tapes. What an Obama endorsement will mean for Hillary. Where we don’t leave anyone out, or anyone behind. Once a practice gets embedded, it’s hard to root out. As secretary of state, Mrs Clinton visited China seven times and helped develop Washington’s “pivot” to Asia, which has long been viewed with suspicion by Beijing. Individuals can donate a maximum of $2,800 per election the limit was $2,700 for the 2016 election to a candidate’s campaign committee and unlimited amounts to Super PACs. Misogyny can be obvious, she says as in the use of the word “bitch” or it can be hidden.

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Democrats Raise $13,000 for Firebombed GOP Office in North Carolina. That’s Eldie Acheson, who is the spearhead for this, and also Nancy Scheibner who wrote this poem which is the last thing that I would like to read. Eurovision: A beginner’s guide. A brief comparison of voting records can be found here. Her onscreen avatar has a wicked jump shot. PolitiFact, “Rand Paul says Hillary Clinton was ‘asked repeatedly to provide security in Benghazi. Data also provided by. Q: Is the development of offshore wind energy farms in the U. Hillary Clinton served as U. 3rd,” said Kellyanne Conway, who served as Trump’s campaign manager and now works in his administration. But the coverage has been angry. In the 2008 election, Clinton was a leading candidate for the Democratic Presidential nomination. Clinton received 16,849,779 votes in the primary. When a crime is committed against Paul Pelosi, they could care less. The joke was that if Clinton won, the story would be about how the brilliant men running her campaign had managed to drag her limp body over the finish line. If you have any issues talk to WikiLeaks. But right now, we are grateful for the love and support of so many during this ordeal, and I’m looking forward to getting back to the work that I love. Picking Sanders, the former Rhode Island governor told CNN, might help bring on board “all those Sanders supporters” and firing up the left wing of the Democratic Party. Controversial choices have included Adolf Hitler 1938, Joseph Stalin 1939, 1942, and Ayatullah Khomeini 1979. Government Printing Office, 2006. Through her work with Edelman, she developed a strong interest in family law and issues affecting children.

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She joined the faculty of the University of Arkansas Law School, and in 1978, President Jimmy Carter appointed her to the board of the Legal Services Corporation. And in February 2015, she told a television interviewer that she now carries multiple devices an iPhone and a Blackberry, as well as an iPad and an iPad mini. Their only child, Chelsea Victoria, was born in 1980. This was due to the demographics targeted by Trump’s campaign which lived in big numbers there, in addition to Clinton’s poor performance in several of those swing states in comparison with Obama’s performance in 2012, as well as having a big number of her potential voters in very populated traditionally ‘blue’ states, but also in some very populated states traditionally ‘red’, like Texas, which were projected safe for Trump. Funny musicians are acknowledged as a distinct genre, including stand up and stage acts in addition to full fledged tours and gigs. On a recent stop in Chicago, she acknowledged that after “25 years’ worth of wild accusations,” she’s got to earn voters’ trust. “When I was elected to the Senate in 2000, I knew that I needed a place to live while we were in session during the year. ” He added that he’s selective about which of the network’s commentators he’ll appear with. Copyright © 2023, Chicago Tribune. “You’ve got to give Kissinger credit for longevity if nothing else. Basically, Clinton offers tax cuts to 80% of Americans, while raising taxes on individuals who earn more than $143,000 a year. A glass of wine would make sense, though. But for some candidates, she added, it is a problem. Priest, Frank Pavone, for what it said were “blasphemous communications on social media” as well as “persistent disobedience” of his bishop who repeatedly told him to stop his partisan activism for Donald Trump. Trump’s courting of the Polish American vote, a sizable number of whom were Reagan Democrats, has been cited as the cause for the loss of the Rust Belt by the Democratic nominee. Administrative Policy Procedures Anti War Bureau Personnel Civil Rights Counterterrorism Foreign Counterintelligence Frequently Requested Fugitives Gangs Extremist Groups Gangster Era Miscellaneous Organizations Organized Crime Political Figures Events Popular Culture Public Corruption Supreme Court Unexplained Phenomenon World War II Violent Crime. The judge “clearly put politics and ahead of her oath of office as a judge to administer to the law in a neutral unbiased way,” the longtime Clinton gadfly added. For her “great, historic service” to the country, and praised the witnesses who testified, particularly the young women. So we’ve got to work our hearts out over the next four days. It’s certainly a topic worthy of discussion but the article is a little over the top. She was named Arkansas Woman of the Year in 1983 and Arkansas Young Mother of the Year in 1984.

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“There are some people that’ll say there’s no way I’m going to vote for somebody with that name,” George W. The Comey story wasn’t just about how Trump seized on it; it also was about how it was covered. Take Florida, for example: Nearly 70 percent of votes were cast in the state before Election Day, and Clinton enjoyed an estimated 4 point lead over Trump — about 240,000 votes. This, in turn, led to continued mainstream coverage—even though no actual evidence of wrongdoing was presented in the book or in subsequent reporting. The former secretary of state went on to dismissed suggestions that Biden, who is 80 years old, would be too old to be president. The first is their concern that an allegation of sexual assault leveled against Biden by former staffer Tara Reade won’t go away anytime soon. Tell them, don’t succumb to fear. SOUNDBITE OF ARCHIVED RECORDING.

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Senator Ron Wyden, an Oregon Democrat on the intelligence committee, said: “The continued leadership failures at the FBI are another reminder we can’t let intelligence agencies say ‘trust us’ and then give them a blank check to probe into Americans’ lives. Literally everyone knows how to use a delete key 9PD3scF. You can be indignant, you can be annoyed, you can be frustrated, but you can’t be angry. Brooks Kraft for Politico Magazine. Clinton, who on Thursday collected long anticipated expressions of support from influential Democrats, including Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, perhaps more of a favorite of the party’s liberals than even Mr. “In the past, for reasons I try to explain, I’ve often felt I had to be careful in public, like I was up on a wire without a net. Trump’s courting of the Polish American vote, a sizable number of whom were Reagan Democrats, has been cited as the cause for the loss of the Rust Belt by the Democratic nominee. She reiterated that she wants to be a “people’s champion,” fighting to rebalance an economy that has been tilted toward the “billionaires and corporations. During an appearance on MSNBC, Clinton said, “I think he hasn’t done his homework, and he’d been talking for more than a year about doing things that he obviously hadn’t really studied or understood. Stay informed about the latest scientific discoveries and breakthroughs.


Kissinger recently said that Ukraine might have to concede territory to Putin to bring the war to an end. Libya will show results containing “syria” and not “libya”. The repudiation of his recent policy pronouncements on Muslims by the mainstream Republican leadership reflects an awareness that the current theatrics may undermine the party’s ultimate nominee, as well as other Republican candidates on the ballot next November. On March 16, 2016 WikiLeaks launched a searchable archive for over 30 thousand emails and email attachments sent to and from Hillary Clinton’s private email server while she was Secretary of State. Hillary Clinton is reported to be 5 feet 5 inches. Get to know Huma Abedin. She added Clinton to her name in an effort to help Bill Clinton in his re election bid for Governor. So the more successful a man is, the more likable he is. There can be no more tragic expression of human foolishness and perversity than the Jews rejection of The Messiah. This is the dynamic that is perhaps the most intense for Clinton. An investigative report by Bloomberg News found that while Bill Clinton was being paid by Laureate, the State Department under Hillary Clinton increased its grants to a nonprofit led by the chairman. Sign up for our newsletter to track money’s influence on U. Trump’s RICO suit says that Clinton, who was his Democratic opponent in that election, and other defendants as part of the purported scheme falsified evidence, deceived law enforcement authorities and exploited access to “highly sensitive data sources” in a way that “even the events of Watergate pale in comparison. Striking a conciliatory tone, Trump continued, “For those who have chosen not to support me in the past, of which there were a few people, I’m reaching out to you for your guidance and your help so we can work together and unify our great country. In the 2008 election, Clinton was a leading candidate for the Democratic Presidential nomination. I know many women who are successful in business and don’t have a degree. That averages to $16,130,504. In 2011, the former Massachusetts governor asserted, “The Obama Administration fundamentally does not believe in the American Experiment. 2 billion, less than President Barack Obama raised in 2012. When her classmates elected her as Wellesley’s first student speaker at graduation, she said to her peers: “The challenge now is to practice politics as the art of making what appears to be impossible, possible. Think about it: Is Trump saying that Clinton wrongfully deleted her emails so they couldn’t be found. The idea that this guy claims to be the voice for working people; someone who exploits working people, who probably doesn’t know any working people except the guy who’s cleaning up in his hotel and the guy who’s mowing the lawn in his fairway. Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon wrote in a May 2015 email: “DOJ folks inform me there is a status hearing in this case this morning. Privately, some of Mrs. A hundred million dollars. Hillary Clinton’s final campaign for office ended in a shocking defeat. Clinton was quick to return the praise, describing the Liberals as a progressive “trailbreaker” with policies in government like national child care. Mario Cuomo was the Democratic nominee in waiting, pre emptively blocking any potential foe as he waited until less than a year before the election to decide whether to run. A Fox News poll of debate watchers found 52% considered Clinton the winner compared to 39% for Trump, with 9% saying they tied or did not know. The code generated an instant “courtesy copy” for nearly all of her emails and forwarded them to the Chinese company.

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Org Contact Us Privacy Policy Sitemap. “I can happily agree to that,” she says. State projected at: 03:04 EST 08:04 GMT. NSC official Samantha PowerThe Irish born Power first went to work for Obama in 2005, when he was a U. I’m doing this 24 hours after the investigation closed. This is the dynamic that is perhaps the most intense for Clinton. She also served on TCBY and Lafarge boards. Key fingerprint 9EF0 C41A FBA5 64AA 650A 0259 9C6D CD17 283E 454C. Bush went to a mosque and declared for everyone to hear that Muslims “love America just as much as I do. Despite Sanders’ popularity among millennials, overall, his voters are less energized than Clinton’s. Clinton slapped frequently at Republican candidate Donald Trump for much of her 45 minute speech. You can find out more and change our default settings with Cookies Settings. I’m going to do one more, and then I’m going to quit. The truth may be even darker. The delegates selected the Democratic presidential and vice presidential nominees and wrote the party platform. According to a February 2018 study by Public Opinion Quarterly, the main sources of polling error were “a late swing in vote preference toward Trump and a pervasive failure to adjust for over representation of college graduates who favored Clinton,” whereas the share of “shy” Trump voters who declined to admit their support for Trump to the pollsters proved to be negligible. There was no evidence that Mrs. You’ll recall that he said during the campaign, he does not want to start a new Iraq war.

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Trump claimed in his speech today that Clinton’s private email server was hacked by foreign adversaries. Five Democrats rebelled in Washington and Hawaii, while two Republicans rebelled in Texas. This image appeared in the June 20, 1969, issue of LIFE. Mercurio told me that it’d been a terrible week for ex staffers. Lauer questioned Clinton at length about her the email scandal, as did audience questioners. “I go back over my own shortcomings and the mistakes we made. Several other polls were conducted over the same period that showed Mr. What Clinton didn’t address stood out, too. On a philanthropic level, the foundation gets decent ratings from outside review groups, though critics charge that it’s too diffuse to do much good, that the money has not always reached its intended recipients, and that in some cases the money doesn’t seem to have achieved its intended purpose. The truth may be even darker. Jason Rapert filed a bill that would have forced the airport’s renaming but relented when he found little support for the measure. His name is Robert Byrd. ‘In the looming Alberta showdown, it’s Premier Danielle Smith versus her mouth.

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Gov address would be preserved” and many of those emails were acquired from other devices so “there was no evidence that Clinton or anyone else” intended to conceal, remove or destroy the emails from government systems, the inspector general said. In this state of razor tight contests, every small demographic shift is closely watched. He walked into the debates unprepared, ran a bizarre and ineffective convention, and appears to have been saved from defeat — albeit narrow defeat — by the twin interventions of Russia and James Comey. 1: A judge dismisses Paula Jones’ sexual harassment suit over a lack of evidence. The committee made scant mention of procedures put in place since the Benghazi attacks, which fundamentally changed the way American embassies and consulates operate. Editors and reporters huddled to discuss how to handle the emails. While there has yet to be a female president, women have played an integral role in shaping the White House. During his 16 years in the House of Representatives and 8 years in the Senate, Bernie has consistently supported a woman’s right to choose a safe abortion. We apologize for the interruption. Support Provided By: Learn more. But the real tale of 2016 is how the final 12 days of the election turned a race that seemed out of reach on Oct. Still, on 1 April 1998, the judge threw out Jones’s case and, in late July, Jones appealed – just after Lewinsky submitted to her first extensive interview with Starr’s office and received immunity from prosecution. When the insurance companies and other special interests defeated that effort, Hillary didn’t give up. Taxiway Charlie is located near Runway 4L 22R, one of the airport’s two main commercial runways. National polls of the Democratic presidential primary. 24/7 coverage of breaking news and live events.

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Durham interviewed Brennan for eight hours on August 21, 2020, after which a Brennan advisor said Durham told Brennan he was not a subject or target of a criminal investigation, but rather a witness to events. Presidential election. Their response is: What we claim is ours. Tags mark jones Political Roundup politics Renee Cross rice university Texas Legislature university of houston. He told ABC News that he sees them as a sign that she now recognizes the importance of having “a view on foreign policy that is different from that of the Republicans. This Siena College Poll was conducted November 3 4, 2016 by telephone calls conducted in English to 617 self identified likely New York State voters. Just hours before, analysts said the early signs looked good for Clinton but now she was neck and neck with Trump. She exuded opulence and power, with a posture and pose that reminded me of renaissance paintings. The non sectarian Alliance Party the third largest in Northern Ireland says the Agreement needs to move towards a more conventional democratic model involving simpler majorities and coalitions. Our Grade: Mostly False. Hillary was raised as a Methodist and has lived her entire life in the light of her faith. February 2020: After months of on off talks, the US signs a troop withdrawal agreement in Doha with the Taliban. 3 percent/FiveThirtyEight forecast: Clinton 66. How I saved my red guitar from Sudan’s war zone’. He was the first Democratic president since Franklin D. This batch contains 3,849 documents from mostly 2010 and 2011. Clinton, along with her daughter Chelsea Clinton, are attempting to give extra meaning to the word “gutsy” in their new series for Apple TV+. “I’ve seen her determination to give every American a fair shot at opportunity, no matter how tough the fight was. I don’t think he’s probably 100 per cent comfortable with it, but I think he likes that they’re stirring things up. In their candid, first person recollections the Clintons are barely able to contain their resentment and frustration over the Whitewater case, which revolved around a failed property venture when Bill was governor of Arkansas and Hillary both the first lady of the state and partner at a local law firm. It’s certainly a topic worthy of discussion but the article is a little over the top. And a lot of people were just very surprised by the way it upended their expectations about what they thought they would feel or experience. Barack Obama had presided over eight years of steady economic expansion following the 2008 worldwide financial meltdown, but many new jobs were not full time, and the recovery was slow by historical standards. To end hostilities, Hillary Clinton argued, Ukraine must either defeat Russia or at least regain the territory lost in the east since Russia’s invasion last year.

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Mifsud, the Maltese professor who interacted with Papadopoulos, claimed to have Russian connections, but it remains unclear whether he was actually working with the Russian government. She didn’t want to ask about policy. “It was important for her to do this on her own,” one top 2008 Clinton adviser told me. USA For Trump 2016 @USAforTrump2016 September 12, 2016. I responded right away and provided all my emails that could possibly be work related, which totaled roughly 55,000 printed pages, even though I knew that the State Department already had the vast majority of them. The campaign downplayed that, noting that on Tuesday night Clinton would “clinch not only a win in the popular vote, but also the majority of pledged delegates. Tim Kaine and Holton would make Virginia their home. Pearson and Pierre Elliott Trudeau, the 89 year old Chretien drew laughter and applause with stories about climbing a fence with U. What will come of the Comey primary. “—Hillary Clinton speaking privately to a conference of apartment developers. Hillary Clinton was born on Sunday, October 26, 1947, in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The Constitution lays out three reasons officials can be impeached — “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors. FBI Director Jim Comey stirred up Clinton’s email controversy in early July when he released findings of his agency’s investigation into her use of a private email server when she was at the State Department. Asma, thanks very much. Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013. Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, who also served in the U. In one short article, there are two long paragraphs about the sexism Clinton has suffered, but no attempt to probe into the policies she is proposing, or to grapple honestly with her actual feminist record. “Nearly all of the tax increases would fall on the top 1 percent,” the Tax Policy Center report said. But there was always this other strong theme about women and girls, and our rights, and our place in society and the economy. Saturday 22 October 2016 16:10, UK. “First of all, I expect Biden to run. She co founded Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families, one of the state’s first child advocacy groups. And be disappointed and feel I let people down and feel everything that I felt. It turns out to have been more complicated than that. Clinton, now 69, with a midmorning cake. Bill Clinton on the hustings for his wife. “He was left helpless to die as Hillary Clinton soundly slept in her bed that’s right, when the phone rang, as per the commercial, at 3 o’clock in the morning, she was sleeping.

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President and the political party that enables him. For months, she said she never sent or received classified documents. Hillary Clinton News Feed. A welcome email is on its way. If she gets knocked down, she gets back up. “Already hundreds of recent immigrants and their children have been convicted of terrorist activity inside the United States. Left Obama and Clinton, then secretary of state, walk through a press conference room at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, on Dec. At a certain point, Mayor Bill de Blasio took the stage with Leslie Odom Jr. Siuja akati pitala amwalila uyu. Instead, Clinton voted for the Republican sponsored resolution to give President Bush the authority to invade Iraq at the time and circumstances of his own choosing regardless of whether inspectors returned. Her name had already come to the attention of Independent Counsel Ken Starr, who sought her cooperation in his own investigation. You try to be honest with yourself, to know you’re feeling it but then say, ‘Okay, I’ve got a goal here and I’m not going to get knocked off balance. All eyes are on Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention, but all the behind the scenes action is still happening at One Pierrepont Plaza in Brooklyn, New York. In Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia, and is frequently used as a commentator on U. After that, In 1969 she joined Yale Law School where she earned a Juris Doctor degree from Yale in 1973. Adele said, “Don’t vote for him” in regard to Donald Trump. ” In his speech, Trump appealed for unity, saying “it is time for us to come together as one united people”, and praised Clinton as someone who was owed “a major debt of gratitude for her service to our country. “This could truly be the election where young people turn out in larger numbers than ever and make their voices heard,” Clinton said. President Bill Clinton autographing his book at Cody’s, photo 2004 Chris Steward, SF Chronicle. Hillary served as Arkansas’s First Lady for 12 years, balancing family, law, and public service. TAMPA, Florida AP — Hillary Clinton named Virginia Sen. He was in a suburb of Charleston during the shootings, and return unannounced to Emmanuel Church a week and a half later to hold a service with the congregation. Songs and speeches from Clinton’s pop star supporters. Even the data team doing analytics for the Trump campaign was telling reporters that, as of Oct. “As I have said many times since Sept. On March 15, 2016, the second “Super Tuesday”, Kasich won his only contest in his home state of Ohio, and Trump won five primaries including Florida.

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That’s a legitimate but separate story. Discover additional details about the events, people, and places in your book, with Wikipedia integration. She will be sorely missed. She continued her tradition of public service, most notably leading an attempt to reform the nation’s health care. The prospect of a truly intersectional Democratic movement seemed possible — not just possible but key to electing the first woman president, a woman who would not only shore up the Supreme Court but who was running on promises of comprehensive immigration reform, paid family leave, subsidized child care, a higher minimum wage, the repeal of the Hyde Amendment, and criminal justice reform, all of which would of course have trouble getting past an obstructionist Congress, but nonetheless composed a blueprint for the future, an interlocking set of fixes that might begin to address structural barriers to equality. One was used to send mass emails to all State Department employees on her behalf. Clinton has picked up 36 delegates from Puerto Rico so far, while Bernie Sanders has so far picked up 20. It’s very important to me. “FYI,” Ms Brazile wrote to campaign spokesperson Adrienne Elrod, who responded: “Thank you for the heads up on this Donna. 6 million for 2015, a large drop from previous years but still enough to place them in the top 0. “There was a machismo, trying to achieve some machismo. Speaking at a town hall in Dubuque, Iowa, the Democratic presidential hopeful noted that Bush’s brother, former President George W.